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June 2018 Kingmilan Laser Monthly-20180717

June 2018 Kingmilan Laser Monthly-20180717

June 2018 Kingmilan Laser Academy

◆Laser market◆

         Laser cutting industry development and future prospect analysis

         Laser cutting has always been one of the most widely used laser processing applications. Pulsed lasers are suitable for metallic materials, continuous lasers are suitable for non-metallic materials, and the latter one is an important application area for laser cutting technology.

Combined with computer-controlled automatic equipment, the laser beam has unlimited contour cutting capability and easy cutting path modification. Laser cutting without mechanical deformation, no tool wear, easy to achieve automated production.

          Laser cutting is widely used in sheet metal processing, metal processing, advertising production, kitchen utensils, automobiless, lamps, saw blades, elevators, metal crafts, textile machinery, grain machinery, glasses production, aerospace, medical equipment, instrumentation and other industries. In particular, it has replaced traditional processing methods in the sheet metal processing industry and is favored by users.

◆Laser technology◆

      Laser Marking Technology Helps Data Tracking of PCB Boards

      As one of the most important components in the contemporary electronic components industry, PCB boards are used in almost all electronic products. With the increasing quality requirements of PCB boards, in order to better realize the quality information management and control of products in production, trace ability systems such as marking characters, bar codes and QR codes on PCB boards have emerged.

◆Latest products◆

◆The latest application video◆

       1、Chinese chess making-中國楚河漢界(象棋)激光製作

       2、IndiaWood board painting-印度木板畫激光製作

       3、Auto parts laser cutting-汽車配件激光切割

       4、Fiber laser cutting 3D tank-光纖激光切割3D坦克

◆Laser operation training◆


       2、LF92 series laser printer training video(English)

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